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A bunch of fuckin' nutters! [Feb. 14th, 2007|09:30 am]
puzzles and clocks

[mood |aggravatedaggravated]

Ok... This is getting ridiculous! What is with all you people? Can't you see the girl needs some space?! Geez, sometimes I swear I'm the only one in this system with common sense... what'd you do the last year or more that I've been gone?!?

Fuckin' A. If you guys screw /this one/ up then I will not have the least bit of sympathy.

Just let her have the space she needs to grow! A bunch of fuckin nutters the lot of you. With co-dependency issues to boot. Think her backing off a bit means she's trying to get rid of you. That's a bit arrogant don't you think? I mean, its not like /she's/ having issues or anything... eh? what? she is?!?! OMG! Gasp! Maybe she is just overwhelmed and stuff?

Now she won't say "I love you" back... and I don't blame her. Its hard enough for /me/ to deal with your freak-fests and I understand them completely.

So from now on, if you feel like you're going to get all freaked out and clingy, wake me up and toss me front, or put Flute out. She can deal with you all freaking out even better than me.

Also, keep calm and see if Amy has any suggestions. She's got a good head on her shoulders that one.

So yeah.

That's it for now.
*growlingly goes back to work*

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Family issues and group history [Oct. 28th, 2006|01:43 am]
puzzles and clocks

[Current Location |Jeff City, Missouri]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack ~ Memory]

I just read this great entry in sethrenn's journal. Its about how people who are in plural systems are reacted to by people they "come out" as plural to. Because we're now living with our family again, its really got me thinking about our familial relationships.

Part One ~ Backstory
I'm pretty much putting this in because I'm not sure if anyone who'll read this really has a coherant understanding of what has been going on with us for the past few years. We've only recently come to feel we have a grip on the situation ourselves, and although this is an abbreviated summary of things, I think it'll provide important insight into what is currently something of a difficult situation.
Part One ~ Backstory(in which our life since we realized we were plural is sumarized)Collapse )
Leaving us here, in Jefferson City again, living with our family.

Part Two ~ The current issueCollapse )We all really want to be accepted by our family, and while we understand where they are coming from and why they likely think our plurality is a problem, they are rejecting a fundamental part of who we really are. That hurts a lot when its the people you love.

I hope we are wrong in our analysis of their probable thoughts regarding us, but it somehow seems unlikely given all of the data. I may be wrong about them individually and to what degree, but I think that overall I have drawn accurate conclusions.

I just wish any of us could think of more options of dealing with the situation other than 1)confrontation or 2)maintain the illusion and never fully be ourselves when around them. Neither are choices we like, but we may have to make them soon. I don't think we ought to run away from this anymore than we already have.

~Kent of Puzzles and Clocks

[xposted to makil_s, multiplicity, puzzlesystem
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so.... [Mar. 30th, 2006|11:57 am]
puzzles and clocks

[mood |boredbored]
[music |nothing... how boring]

this is getting boring... i've played through all my videogames and three new ones and we /still/ haven't gotten our tax-return yet to get the computer fixed so we can get online!
cut for people on both friend's listsCollapse )
well... that's it for now. byes.
~My for the puzzle system
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Apologies. [Dec. 5th, 2005|07:39 pm]
puzzles and clocks

[mood |geekygeeky]
[music |Train ~ Drops of Jupiter]

Myele told somebody here yesterday that we were going to start updating with self-profiles and such. Well, that was truely the plan until I played Heroes of Might and Magic II for 4 hours. Apparently, because of it, my sentence is to have to be the one who goes to work tonite without enough sleep(we were also going to take a nap but didn't{see above}).

So, now I need to write down a couple of things for me to put some more time in on my D&D campaign I'm running and then its off to Amber's work to help her with the stuff she can't do.

Its nights like tonite(and all nights) I wish I could stay home.

And this song is so incomprehensible its cool.
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Public post. ::edited:: [Dec. 1st, 2005|08:17 am]
puzzles and clocks

[Tags|, , ]
[mood |hopefulhopeful]
[music |Loreena McKennitt ~ Dante's Prayer]

Ok, well this is my first post as maintainer of our system community on LJ.

Anyone who sees this who isn't already friended and wants to read it should comment here to let us know.
You won't be given posting access because its only for those of us living in a particular body/mind which is stuck in Gravette, Arkansas USA. Hopefully we won't be in this town forever because it isn't much fun.

Aside from that we are married to our wife who is named Amber, the most-patient woman in the world! Or at least that is how it seems to us. We are certainly difficult to deal with at times.

Anything else you want to know you'll have to post here and ask to be friended/join.

::edit::no, you won't have posting access but look for the invite to join. it'll be right HERE i believe. alternately you can just apply for membership and Lj will send us an email about it. sorry for the confusion, i'm still pretty new to all this! ^_^; ::


::re-edit:: sent out alot of invites to people i think will want to be members anyway. if you think that might be you and would save you some trouble check the link above to see if we already put you on the list. if not then we probably just overlooked you on our short scan of our friends lists so just apply to join the community or post a comment here and you will be taken care of. ::
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